Mobile YoBit for iOS
Mobile YoBit allow you to be up to date on what happened on YoBit Exchange without you computer. It is possible to monitor exchange markets, collect you favourite symbols in one view for quick access, view detailed information on each trading pair.

Mobile YoBit give you access to view your balances, opened orders and trading history.
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- View YoBit Exchange markets real-time state
- View details on each trading pair, including 24-hour summary and history chart
- Real time updated Order Book and Market history
- Accumulate you favorite trading pair to special view for quick access of your watch list
Mobile YoBit
- Balances
- Active Orders
- Trading history
Important note:
Mobile YoBit - is NOT an official application provided by YoBit Exchange team.

Mobile YoBit application developed by individual developer.
Application uses official Web API, provided by YoBit Exchange for access public and private data.

Main features of Mobile YoBit application:
Your personal Trading portfolio including:
Access YoBit from mobile device
Access YoBit from mobile device